Spring Florals

If you're not wearing florals for spring, are you actually doing spring any justice? Spring is the time to brighten your wardrobe and play with different fabrics and patterns, my particular favorite happens to be florals. Because I have a fondness to the color black, when I saw this bomber I felt like it was made for me. I instantly made an impulse buy I didn't regret for a single moment. I love the subtle pops of bright colors across the bomber making it a statement piece. To make the floral stand out even more, I paired it with a simple plunging V-neck t-shirt. I wanted to keep this look more uptown street style, so I topped it off with destroyed denim, and classic white Stan Smith Adidas - my current obsession. I wore this look out on a casual shopping trip around the city and received so much positive feedback, I have never felt so excited to kick off spring & I started it putting my best foot forward.

What do you guys think of this simple spring look? Do you love florals as much 
as I do? comment and let me know! 

See you soon,

Photography | Coevst

Outfit Details
| Bomber Topman | T-shirt H&M | Denim Asos | Shoes Adidas |

Street Style

Lately I love a no nonsense look, simplicity and minimalism have been my mantra for as long as I can remember, but lately it has become my lifestyle. This look features all my favorite closet staples, a crisp white button down shirt, dark wash denim, fitted leather motorcycle jacket, and to top it off clean white converse (literally my favorite shoe). I love how a white shirt pops so effortlessly against a dark pair of jeans and dresses that leather motorcycle jacket up, I decided to pair the look with a brand new pair of converse sneakers, there's just something about a fresh out the box pair of converse that takes the look to new heights. This look was perfect for my stroll around Philadelphia, it was a cool day, but I felt too cool for school in my leather jacket which made the long walk around the city that much more worth it!

What do you guys think of this minimalistic look? Comment,
and let me know!

See you soon,
Photography | Coexvst

Outfit Details
| Jacket Zara | Shirt Banana Republic | Jeans Asos | Shoes Converse | Bag Coach |

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March Madness

The weather has been absolutely insane here in the North East, leaving us all wondering what is safe to wear. If you opt for warm layers you maybe unpleasantly surprised when the sun comes out and gives us 75 degree weather, at the same time you can also wear a light jacket and end up in a snow storm, who knows these days! 
whenever I am unsure what to wear due to weather conditions I always choose something that can be broken down into separate pieces that are strong enough to stand on their own. I love this bomber from American Eagle it's a perfect layer that can be very GQ when dressed up, or urban streetwear when paired with distressed jeans. By now we all know I love a simple black turtleneck, they keep you warm, as well as keep you looking sleek and cool. This predominately black look really made the Olive green pop, and more importantly the gold detail on the arm really did add an unexpected flair that made me smile way more than I should admit. To top this look off, I paired it with a Taupe chelsea boot which is always my go to whenever I want to dress up a look.


 What do you guys think of this simple layered look, comment below 
and let me know!

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Outfit Details

| Jacket American Eagle | Turtleneck H&M | Jeans Asos | Chelsea Boots Aldo |

Tis' The Season For Topcoats

By now, its no secret that Winter is my favorite season. I'm also very aware I am one of the few people that actually love Winter but heres why. I love this season because it offers some of the most breathtaking pieces when it comes to menswear. I love having the option to layer to my hearts content from a sweater, boots, and to top it off, the topcoat. 
I have always been a fan of the topcoat its a classic and they have been spotted everywhere! I finally got my hands on a camel toned coat and it was love at first collar pop (seriously). This coat has been my best friend this season when I didn't want to sacrifice warmth for fashion as so many coats seem to lack both fashion and function. This coat allowed me to look cool, while keeping warm. I paired this topcoat with a thick knit turtleneck to make sure I was extra toasty, as Pennsylvania is notorious for ruthless winter chills. This look had all my favorite staple tones Gray, Black, and Camel they compliment one another so well and add a classic vibe. 

What do you guys think of Topcoats, is this something you see yourself adding to your arsenal of menswear? Comment and let me know!

See you soon,

Outfit Details

|Topcoat Zara | Sweater H&M | Trousers Zara | Chelsea Boots Asos | 

Seeing In Style With Warby Parker

Many people don't think of eyeglass frames as an accessory like they typically would with sunglasses, and I always wonder why? Frames are a great way to express your personal style the same way they would if you had on a pair of shades, they add so much personality to any look. I have gone through many style phases, and they reflect through my glasses from bold, to minimalistic I have tried many frames of all different shapes, and sizes. 
I was inspired by the Winter Collection at Warby Parker & I was lucky enough to get an exclusive first look at the newest collection of New Frames & Cool Sunglasses , I can honestly say that I am nothing but amazed by how sleek, & stunning the new collection looks!   
When Selecting Frames for myself, I am always gravitated toward a more minimalistic frame style
because I like the less is more approach, I also don't like to feel like my frames and outfits
aren't going to compliment one another. I have truly fallen in love with a rounded frame I feel that it is just the right amount of bold and elegance to compliment any outfit. The Percey has everything you  are looking for in simple elegance. I am also really loving The Everson, the bold square frame is something that I have been wearing for years and it looks great on all face shapes. Warby Parker has really done an excellent job in creating many unique frames, & there is truly something for everyone no matter your style.
The new collection takes a very simplistic approach to new frames, and shades, less is truly more when selecting them. Warby Parker has done an excellent job in creating the perfect combination of simple, and sleek new frames and Cool Shades.

Frames and shades are very important accessories, and it is important that you feel confident when stepping out the door. Warby Parker has done an excellent job with their new collection and has frames and shades to reflect anyones style, no matter how minimal, or bold.
If you haven't checked out the new collection what're you waiting for! Go grab yourself a pair, you won't regret it for a second.

See you soon,


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Fall Style With JORD

I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with JORD Wood Watches to pair my style with one of their amazing watches. The best part about the watch, is that its wood! Yes you read that correctly, its a wooden watch! This is not my first run-in with these watches I have been seeing them all over Instagram and it seemed all the cool kids had one. Since I live on Instagram, I noticed all the popular faces in the fashion world seemed to own one, and now I can finally say I do as well. I had my eye on the Frankie Series in Dark Sandlewood & Smoke.
This watch is so unique, and unlike anything I've really seen before in the world of timepieces.
From the moment I put it on and hit the streets I began receiving compliments on how 
cool the watch looked an complimented my fall attire. I am always a fan of darker tones and really love how versatile this watch can be styled dressed up, or down. The wood gives this watch so much depth and dimension it can change your entire outfit just by adding in this timepiece. I was surprised by how light weight this watch was, being that it is wood I assumed it would have some weight, 
but it is light as a feather which is great when you wear them all day long. 
I love that the watch comes with a one year warranty, although I can't see myself having any issues with this beautiful time piece, it is nice to know that I have peace of mind.
I decided to debut my watch around the park and take in the fall scenery.
I've never felt more connected with nature until I put this watch on. Seriously.  

Since you're here, you might as well Browse all of watches JORD has to offer. Check them out here:


The best part of this is that we are giving you a chance to win a gift card to go toward a JORD watch of your very own. The winner of the giveaway will get a $75 e-gift code to the shop, the winner will be automatically selected and emailed. Don't feel bad if you didn't win, everyone automatically receives a $20 e-gift code for simply entering the contest! The contest will close November 27th at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire March 31st, 2017. This is a win-win situation, so you might as well sign up, and get your hands on one. Enter HERE!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches 
Luxury Wood Watch

Sunday Funday With Banana Republic

Sundays are one of the best days of the week for me, it offers that  much needed reboot we all need before we tackle yet another week and crush our goals. This Sunday was no exception, I was especially relaxed on this fall Sunday, and spent most of my day outdoors taking in the autumnal fall leaves and crisp air. I can never say enough how much I truly love fall and all it has to offer. Jackets, and sweaters my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe, and Banana Republic has never disappointed with their seemingly endless selection to fit any of my style moods. 
 I love layering its a form of art to me with each layer the outfit gets more complex, and compelling and this simple look was no exception to that. This lightweight motorcycle style jacket was perfect to be outdoors on a cool yet sunny fall day, it was perfect to cut some of the wind and keep me warm and cozy while looking good. Not to mention the fit, the jacket was cut perfectly at my hip that gave it a tailored quality which I always love. The sweater was very soft, yet warm and the earth tones looked great while I was outdoors I seemed to blend in seamlessly because of the tones of the sweater a dapper camouflage, if you will. To keep the look cool, & classy I paired it with distressed denim and black leather chelsea boots.
I love traditional styles like Banana Republic and being able to add my own personal twist,
and I was able to do just that with these incredible pieces I picked up from Banana Republic. 


What do you guys think of this fall look? Is this something you can see yourself wearing
comment and let me know!

See you soon,

This post was created in partnership with Banana Republic

Outfit Details
| Jacket Banana Republic | Sweater Banana Republic | Denim Asos | Chelsea Boots Zara |