Seeing In Style With Warby Parker

Many people don't think of eyeglass frames as an accessory like they typically would with sunglasses, and I always wonder why? Frames are a great way to express your personal style the same way they would if you had on a pair of shades, they add so much personality to any look. I have gone through many style phases, and they reflect through my glasses from bold, to minimalistic I have tried many frames of all different shapes, and sizes. 
I was inspired by the Winter Collection at Warby Parker & I was lucky enough to get an exclusive first look at the newest collection of New Frames & Cool Sunglasses , I can honestly say that I am nothing but amazed by how sleek, & stunning the new collection looks!   
When Selecting Frames for myself, I am always gravitated toward a more minimalistic frame style
because I like the less is more approach, I also don't like to feel like my frames and outfits
aren't going to compliment one another. I have truly fallen in love with a rounded frame I feel that it is just the right amount of bold and elegance to compliment any outfit. The Percey has everything you  are looking for in simple elegance. I am also really loving The Everson, the bold square frame is something that I have been wearing for years and it looks great on all face shapes. Warby Parker has really done an excellent job in creating many unique frames, & there is truly something for everyone no matter your style.
The new collection takes a very simplistic approach to new frames, and shades, less is truly more when selecting them. Warby Parker has done an excellent job in creating the perfect combination of simple, and sleek new frames and Cool Shades.

Frames and shades are very important accessories, and it is important that you feel confident when stepping out the door. Warby Parker has done an excellent job with their new collection and has frames and shades to reflect anyones style, no matter how minimal, or bold.
If you haven't checked out the new collection what're you waiting for! Go grab yourself a pair, you won't regret it for a second.

See you soon,


This post was created in partnership with Warby Parker