Today, I wore a basic crew neck sweater that I had been neglecting in the back of my closet for quite some time now. I decided to dress it up with a crisp, white, button down shirt, to give it a more dapper appeal. I paired the sweater with simple navy blue pants, and black wallabee boots that I bought on sale! This look was perfect layering as the weather is freezing! 

Loving this cold weather, I am cherishing every winter day, as it's coming to an end very soon! Until next time!

Where its from!
Sweater: Pac-Sun
Boots: Clarks 
Shirt: H&M

Winter Affair

It was a freezing winter morning so I decided to take out this baby, a motorcycle jacket with a twist! My favorite thing about this jacket is the fur collar, it was both a nice fashionable touch, and fully functional keeping me warm!

      I loved the fur detail on the collar of the jacket it kept me warm an made the jacket much more dapper! 

I absolutely loved this look both simple functional, and dapper what do you guys think? I'm  off to my winter affair!

Until next time- Jarred 

Where it's from!
Jacket: zara
Boots: vintage
Pants: Zara 

An Artists hand

Hi Everyone!
I absolutely adore this artist sketch of one of my looks, drawn by The Style Saetta! I love how she portrays me in her drawing, with the attention to detail that she uses with the velvet smoking slipper making it look just like as it did in real life! I am so honored she chose me to be her first male sketch for her sketchbook, I am completely blown away by the talent of others and this is no exception! Please go check out her instagram here as she has other awesome sketches that she has done! Also stay updated on other fun finds on my Instagram as well here 

Hi there 2014!

Hey everyone and Happy New Year!
Last night was New Years Eve, and dressing up is a must for this holiday. I found this incredible black luxe sparkling shirt from the Beat Collection at Zara, paired with my well fitting tuxedo from H&M. I especially love that my outfit was all black, you can never go wrong when wearing black the color signifies sophistication and elegance. This outfit fit perfectly, I loved how comfortable the outfit was without having to sacrifice anything.

This outfit also gave me the chance to debut my new arm candy the gold Marc Jacobs watch  that I purchased before Christmas

What a great way to kick off the new year, in an elegant well fitting Tuxedo with velvet smoking slippers! What do you guys think of this Luxe New Year look? Be sure to drop a comment and check out my instagram here 

Where it's from!
Shirt : Zara
Pants: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Slippers: Bloomingdales
Watch: Marc Jacobs