Suit Up

There is something so special about a well made suit, whether it is for a special occasion,
or event the suit is a guaranteed way to turn some heads. Every suit is different
from fit, to color the perfect suit is out there for everyone!
Today I took a stroll through suburban paradise, heres what I am wearing.

Ray ban sunnies and J.Crew Tie clip

Calvin Klein button down shirt H&M tie Marc Jacobs watch

Suit: H&M
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Mr.B
Sunnies: RayBan
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Tie: H&M
Tie Clip: J.Crew

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a well fitting suit in your arsenal of mens wear to break out every so often. The suit is a timeless piece and always the proper choice when choosing to "dress up" I was ecstatic to find this suit that needed very few alterations as ready to wear suits are usually few and far between. 

Investing in a suit is integral to your wardrobe 
You can wear the suit in separates, or you can wear it together when dressing a little more formal. 
No matter what option you choose know that the suit is the correct choice.

See you soon,