Tiffany Blue Tuesday

Hey guys!
Today was a gorgeous day, so I decided to break out a pair of Tiffany blue shorts from American Eagle with a crisp white button down shirt. I love the 2 colors when paired together they make a great combination! I also love my braided belt that I bought at a local vintage shop,with my moccasins. What do you guys think?

Nautically Inspired

Hi guys! I have always had a passion for the sea, and it shows through my clothing, I found a great striped collared shirt,and Navy blue shorts from H&M.One thing that caught my eye about the shirt was the Five buttons exposed an the rest were hidden. I also have a pair of beige Wingtip shoes with a red sole to complete the look. I love the color combination because it is a classic and they tie together nicely. This look for me, can be worn for a casual day in the city running errands, or a lunch/ early dinner date. What do you guys think? 

David Beckham

David beckham is one of those celebrities that looks good in everything I personally love his style and it grows and improves every year. He can be casual one day, and the next he will be dapper in a suit and tie the sky is the limit for this english gent! I would go so far as to say david beckham is a mens fashion icon.
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Sizzling Summer Style

Summer is here, and lets face it the heat isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Since we are going to be suffering in the heat how about sweat in style? Summer is a great time to show off the gym body you've been working on all winter , wear pastel colors, and of course shorts. So when we go on vacation this summer, lets do it in style.

The Tank Top

Start this summer off with a tank top, they are becoming more and more popular with the passing summer months, tank tops like these can be found in nearly any store for fair prices. Dont be afraid of color options, the brighter the tank top the better it will look move out of your comfort zone when sporting one of these. Suns out Guns out right!

The Cut off Jean short

Cut off jean shorts can add a fresh new spin to any outfit they can be extremely casual or be worn with  button down and still look great.You can find these nearly everywhere from American Eagle to True religion.


Dont be afraid to add a finishing touch an add in a accessory like a beaded or leather bracelet a funky watch or even a braided belt accessory options are unlimited in the summer time take advantage while you can!

Summer only comes around once a year so liven up your style a bit with vibrant color choices and remember a little goes a long way!

Back To basics

The problem with mens fashion is many men don't care enough to try and put an outfit together or when they do it comes directly from the mannequin in the store! There is a list of basics that every man should have in his possession to be a successful fashionisto in the making!

The White T-shirt

Every man should have a white t-shirt in his closet it is a staple for mostly every outfit and can stand its ground when worn alone to look effortlessly casual, the white T-shirt looks good on all body shapes and sizes and all skin tones as well.

The Tapered Jean

Men should not be afraid to sport a pair of jeans that show off the frame and a pair of tapered jeans will do just that! Add a pair of tapered or "skinny jeans" to your collection and watch the compliments come rolling in. Most tapered jeans have a 15'' leg opening and can be found in most stores.

  The Oxford shirt

A oxford button down shirt is essential for a mans closet they can be dressed up or dressed down, a oxford shirt looks smart when paired with a pair of khaki pants or business casual when paired with a fitting pair of dress pants this is a versatile piece to add to your collection.

 The Blazer

Finally the blazer is  a sophisticated final touch to add to a look whether it be a T shirt and jeans ensemble or a more refined look with a button down shirt. The blazer can be worn anytime of day depending on how it is worn at night it can be worn to a club or sports bar with jeans, or during the day it can be paired with a striped button down to the office. You will find that the blazer will become one of your best friends to add that finishing touch to an an outfit!

Once you add in the basics the rest will be simple, this is just the brick and mortar to building the house that we call style.