Sunnies & Hats

So many of us guys neglect the accessories department of our closet, and they too are staples in a gentleman's wardrobe. Sunglasses and Hats can complete your look binding everything beautifully together to look effortless and dapper! These are a few of my favorite combinations of how I believe sunnies and hats should be paired.

The Fedora Hat is taking the mens world by storm again, this hat can be dressed up, or down depending upon your mood this hat is extremely versatile and looks good on the masses! Pair the Fedora with classic Wayfarer shades for a cool look like so.

The beanie is also a classic and can be found in many renditions, from slouchy for the hipsters out there or fitted for a more rugged look either way the beanie isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Like the beanie, the classic aviator can be worn with nearly anything and take a look to a different level of cool. The aviator and the beanie make a cool combination together so they are best together! 

Next time you plan an outfit, step outside your comfort zone a bit and try on a hat. If you're feeling extra daring, throw some sunnies in there too and you will be surprised with how much different your originally planned outfit will look! If you are in the market for sunnies, make sure to check out Salt City Optics online store  for all the latest styles and frames

How would you guys pair your Hats & Sunnies together
comment below and let me know!
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